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Fit Over 40 Challenge Founder David McGarry Signs Publishing Deal With Ainsley & Allen Publishing

David McGarry, Founder of Fit Over 40 Challenge, has signed a deal with Ainsley & Allen Publishing to publish the upcoming book ‘Fit Over 40 Challenge’ which is scheduled for release in January 2017. Health and fitness coach David McGarry recently signed an agreement with Ainsley & Allen Publishing to publish his book Fit Over […]

Book Providing Insights From Successful Christian Entrepreneurs Hits Amazon Best Seller List

“Faith Into Abundance” reached Number One on’s Best Seller List in the Christian Business & Professional Growth and Christian Leadership categories on October 18. Ainsley & Allen Publishing‘s recent release, “Faith Into Abundance – 30 Stories of Faith From Successful Christian Entrepreneurs,” hit’s best seller list on October 18, climbing all the way […]

Book Exploring the Journey To Entrepreneurship Hits Three Amazon Best Seller Lists

“THE START: Journey To Entrepreneurship” reached #1 on’s Best Seller List in the Starting a Business, Company Profiles, and Business Technology Innovation categories on September 26th. Ainsley & Allen Publishing’s recent release, “THE START: Journey To Entrepreneurship,” hit’s best seller list on September 26th, climbing all the way to #1 in the Starting […]

Upcoming Book Exposes The Unanticipated Truth Behind Many Successful Entrepreneurs

“The Start: Journey To Entrepreneurship”, a business book from Ainsley & Allen Publishing set for September release, explores the background of 21 successful entrepreneurs. The Authority Media Group presents their remarkable findings of its study of successful entrepreneurs in The Start, revealing the lessons learned in their first business that they still apply today . […]