Fit Over 40 Challenge Founder David McGarry Signs Publishing Deal With Ainsley & Allen Publishing

David McGarry, Founder of Fit Over 40 Challenge, has signed a deal with Ainsley & Allen Publishing to publish the upcoming book ‘Fit Over 40 Challenge’ which is scheduled for release in January 2017.

Health and fitness coach David McGarry recently signed an agreement with Ainsley & Allen Publishing to publish his book Fit Over 40 Challenge – Simple and Effective Strategies to Be Fit Over 40 and Beyond. This new book details the principles, strategies and challenges that McGarry uses to help his clients over age 40 become healthy and fit.

McGarry began his career in health and fitness twenty years ago. After losing his dad to a massive heart attack at a young age, McGarry stated, “I always was concerned about my dad’s health and I felt like it was my job to help him get fit and healthy. I remember always trying to get him to stop smoking, eat better, and work out. I always felt I could have done more to change him.“

McGarry added, “I realized that ultimately I can’t change somebody; they have to change themselves. However, I can still try to educate, motivate and maybe make an impact in somebody’s life that would change their bad habits and get them on the track to living a fit and healthy life. It was that Saturday in May that changed my life forever. Now, as the tenth anniversary of his passing is approaching, it is a driving factor in my reason and purpose for writing this book.”

For the past two decades, McGarry has been helping people of all ages get fit through his personal training and fitness coaching. His online fitness training doesn’t just focus on weight loss but creating the mindset, habits, and beliefs that allow someone to achieve their goals as well. His program helps people realize what is preventing them from achieving their goals, and then he coaches them to push past those limiting beliefs and reach greater success.

Ainsley & Allen Publishing specializes in publishing personal development and business books for entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals.

Co-Founder of Ainsley & Allen Publishing, Jack Mize, said, ”We are very proud and excited to have Mr. McGarry on our roster of authors.  He’s an impressive entrepreneur and brought us a first rate manuscript.  I am sure that Fit Over 40 Challenge will be a big success for all involved.”

Fit Over 40 Challenge will be available on and other national book retailers in January 2017.

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