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Book Consulting, Writing & Publishing Project Package

Book Writing, Publishing, Business Integration and Launch Campaign

    Your Package Includes

  • Production, manufacturing, and distribution of the Work in paperback, hardcover, and eBook editions
  • Work with Author to produce mutually acceptable manuscript through interview transcriptions and Author’s previously created original content
  • Full-color Cover design
  • B&W Interior design, manuscript formatting and prep for printing
  • Up to 2 ISBN numbers if needed
  • Library of Congress Control Number Acquisition
  • Publishing Deal Press Release
  • Premium Amazon Book Listing
  • Premium Author Profile Page
  • Book Release and Best Seller Press Release Campaign
  • Guaranteed Amazon Best Seller Launch
  • Influencers Radio Interview on Book Topic
  • Demo Reel MP3 Audio File of Interview
  • Book Topic Interview One Sheet
  • Book Profile Page on
  • Book Optin Page
  • Free S&H Offer Page
  • Social Media Promo Kit (10 FB posts with images, 10 tweets, 10 instagram images)
  • Email Promo Kit (10 custom emails)

Faith Into Abundance Custom Edition Physical Bundle

Marketing and Recognition Package

  • Custom Edition Physical Book
    You get 30 custom edition books that include your name and picture on the cover. Your chapter will also be moved to the front of the book.
  • Custom Edition Digital Book
    Digital PDF of your chapter that you can use as website give away.
  • #1 Best Seller Desk Award
    Because the book went all the way to #1, your custom edition package includes a desk award. It’s elegant, but will still attract attention and show off your achievement to everyone.
  • Certified Wall Plaque
    You can hang this in your office, waiting room or even home study. It includes your custom cover and a Best Seller recognition certificate.
Faith Custom Edition

Faith Into Abundance Custom Edition Physical Book

Personalized Custom Paperback Edition of Faith Into Abundance

  • Customized Cover with Your Name and Picture
  • Your Chapter Moved to Front of the Book
  • Includes 25 Copies
  • Private link to purchase additional Custom Edition Copies at $5.99 + Shipping at anytime
  • Billed once per month, 2 times