Book Launch

Ainsley & Allen Publishing specializes in helping entrepreneurs turn their manuscript into a published book, and help them turn it into a valuable business asset.

If you have a completed manuscript and would like to bring it to market the right way, read this page, and click any button to schedule a time to talk to us.


There is a lot more going on behind the scenes, but our process can be broken down into 9 steps. We've gone to great lengths to make this easy for you as possible, without sacrificing any quality in the final product.   The full process are outlined below.


First meeting we will decide on the positioning and create a launch plan.


We will work up cover and interior design for Kindle, paperback and hardcover.


National news releases, social media campaign and an appearance on a iHeartRADIO show to promote your book launch


Formatted and published on hardcover, paperback and Kindle.


Book marketing campaign to become an Amazon Bestseller


Work with you on creating a strategy to grow your business using the book as a catalyst


You have a manuscript that you know could change your business and elevate you to a new level. 

But you're not sure of what to do next.  

If that sounds like you, this is a perfect fit.

We will take your book, brand it so that is positioned corrects, then publish it (including hardback), run a national exposure campaign to get people talking, then help you integrate it into your business and make it a real long term asset.

Click the button below to take a short assessment and see if you qualify.


How long does the whole process take, start to finish?

If you work at our speed, we are comfortable promising a successful relaunch in 4 to 6 weeks.

How many books should I expect to sell?

We do not recommend focusing on how many books you will sell. This is because book sales is a poor measure for ROI. Professionals see books as general marketing tools, not profit centers themselves. For example, if you’re a consultant or a coach, and a client is worth $20,000 to you, then one client actually more than doubles your investment in your book. 

Can you get me on a bestseller list?

Yes, in fact that is part of the included marketing campaign. We promote your book to email lists and groups that are interested in your book topic. This usually results in the book becoming number a best seller in at least 1 Amazon subcategory. We do not run campaigns for New York Times or Wall Street Journal bestsellers. These are very expensive, and not our focus. However, we can recommend a consultant to add on this service.

How can I make money with my book?

You can use a book to get more exposure, increase your authority, lead generation, get more customers, speaking engagements, sell products and many other objectives. A book is the best multi-purpose marketing tool there is.

Do I have to publish through you?

No, you don’t have to use the Ainsley & Allen Publishing Brand. You can use any publishing company you want, or we can even help you create your own publishing company.

What is the difference between you and traditional publishing?

“Traditional publishing” refers to the older New York publishing houses. If you have a big enough built in audience, they pay you a small advance, and they own all the rights and royalties to your book. They do the work of publishing and distributing your book, but that’s it.The biggest difference is that we do everything that a traditional publisher does, plus a lot more. We actually help you write the book, run a national exposure campaign for the launch, and then help integrate it into your business so you can maximize ROI.

Can you get my books into a bookstore?

Yes, we make your book available for order and sale in bookstores. All our books are put into the Ingram database, and can be ordered in every bookstore in the country. But, your book will most likely not be on bookshelves. This is because bookstores carry very few books, and reserve their limited space for established authors or books from publishers who are paying for shelf space. However, most people who shop at Barnes & Noble also shop on Amazon. Lack of bookstore distribution won’t lose you many sales. Being in a bookstore is purely about ego, and not about actual ROI.


If you are ready to finally turn your book into a real business asset and have it become everything you first imagined when you wrote it, click the button below.  We just need a little information and we'll respond back with an honest assessment as to if your book is qualified for the service.

Ainsley & Allen provides you with your own professional publishing team that takes you from idea all the way to professionally published book, and then helps you leverage it to grow your business.

However, not everyone is ready for this service.  

If you think you’d like to work with us, fill out the form above and one of our Publishers will be in touch with you shortly.

The Publisher will discuss your book idea with you, see whether we're a good fit for each other, and if so, talk about potential next steps.  But if you are not ready, the Publisher will provide you with guidance as to what your next step should be.